Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two Places in the Book (#5)

Throughout the year 1987, Nikki Sixx spent a lot of time in his mansion in Van Nuys, CA. Here, he often hid when he found life to be too much for him, he gets the idea for keeping a diary, and abuses heroin the most. At one point in the book, Sixx begins to realize how bad his life has become after a high while in his house. The wasted rockstar hears police officers yelling at him from outside, and he claims to have seen the flashing lights from a police car. Panicing, he crawls into his bathroom, flushes the rest of his heroin, and passes out. The next morning, he wakes up to find out that there were never any cops out for him, and it was just a hallucination. This, along with other bad experiences, eventually drives Nikki out of his own home to move in with his bandmate, Tommy Lee, until Mötley Crüe takes off for their tour.

Although Sixx didn't spead much time here, I found that a certain hotel in Southern California played a very big part in his life that year. In late December, 1987, after returning home from a weekend of rock shows in Japan, Nikki gets in a fight with lead singer, Vince Neil, and calls his friend and fellow rock star, Slash, of Guns N Roses, to the hotel to blow off steam. The two of them, along with Slash's girlfriend, Sally, did an outrageous amount of drugs in the hotel. Nikki Sixx later overdosed on heroin, and passed out in the bathroom. Slash, too high to understand what's happening, does nothing. His girlfriend, Sally, calls for an ambulance to come for Sixx. The memory of his night in that hotel, and what happend to him afterwards, will stick with him forever and will always serve as a reminder why he never turns to drugs again.

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