Saturday, November 26, 2011

Important People/Triats in the Book (#4)

The book mainly centers around the life, ideal, attitude, and experience of Nikki Sixx. The rockstar is a very arrogent character who knows what he's doing is wrong. Being on heroin for some time, he makes the desicion to quit cold turkey. This lasts for about two weeks, and during that time he begins to see the world for more than what he used to. Eventually, he returns back to his hostile, heroin addict, state of mind.

Throughout the year, Sixx finds himself going through a lot of different thoughts and ways of life. Convincing himself he shouldn't comitt suicide, forcing himself to stay with his girlfriend, finding it a chore to continue to be with his band, and so much else. He realizes that none of these things would ever be a thought if he was never on heroin to begin with. Constantly trying to get himself off of it, Nikki finds himself almost helpless on his own. His band, consisting of Neil Young, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars, all try to be the best of friends as they can without losing their patience. While Nikki Sixx is addicted to heroin, he often doesn't realize the amount of offensive things he may be saying. While his bandmates try their hardest to help him, they often found themselves giving up quickly due to his lack of cooperation and stubborn qualities.

His girlfriend, Vanity, wasn't much help either. Being together for over a year, Sixx began to think that he deserved the unhappy relationship he found himself in. Vanity would often follow him around while on tour, and abuse him for sex and money. Being depressed and uncaring, Nikki forced himself to be with her despite the cruel thoughts his bandmates had towards her. Nikki Sixx had the friends and ability to get himself out of his slump, but ended up resisting the will power to do it himself.

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