Sunday, November 27, 2011

Summarize the Book (#9)

In December, 1986, Nikki Sixx, bassist and songwriter of the rock band, Mötley Crüe, decided to keep a diary for his friends and family to discover after he passes away. Sixx was extremely addicted to heroin, and he couldn't see himself living much longer. He had hit rock bottom of his life, and didn't enjoy living any more. Struggling to stay alive only for the sake of his band, Nikki managed to record the very successful album, Girls Girls Girls, with his bandmates. Throughout the book, Nikki Sixx vividly explains the horrors of heroin and the evil voices he has living in his head durring the year, 1987. Trapped inside of his own life, the shattered rock star runs out of places to turn and manages to convince himself not to commit suicide.
Traveling all over the country and parts of the world, Sixx writes in his diary every chance he gets and describes exactly what he feels, what he's thinking, and what heroin has done to persoanally ruin his life. Getting into all kinds of trouble, Nikki Sixx ends his terrifying year by overdosing and almost leaving this world forever. On December 23rd, 1987, Sixx was pronounced dead, and revived in less than an hour. This near death experience and miracle is his motivation to change his life and become the person he has always wanted to be.

Between Christmas of '86 and Christmas of '87, Nikki Sixx writes about his mesmorising and emotional tale that can break anybody's heart. Half way through the book, you feel as though you begin to know the rockstar personally and find yourself rooting for him to get over his addiction. The book is definitly one for the ages, and will contine to scare and encourage people to stay away from drugs and never stop being who you are.

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