Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best Chapter/Section of Book (#8)

The book is sorted in chronological order and divided by month. In my opinion, the most interesting month of the book is December of 1987. During this time of Sixx's year, he hits his lowest point possible. First, he got into an argument with guitar player, Mick Mars, over Mick's girlfriend. Later, he and his band traveled to Japan for some time to play a few live shows. During his time in Japan, Sixx was arrested for public disturbance and public intoxication and spent a day in prison. Once out of prison, he got into a fight with singer, Vince Neil, over Vince's "big headedness". When Nikki returned to America, he called his friend Slash to a hotel to blow off steam, and eventually died of a heroin overdose in that hotel. Within an hour, he was revived, and the rock star eventuall returned back to his home in Van Nuys, California. Within days, Nikki Sixx realized the beauty and value of his life and had the motivation to not turn to heroin again.
Over the course of a month, all these events happend to one person, and he still manages to bring himself back to the brighter side of things and change his life for the better. It's not exactly the most inspirational story, but at the same time its almost iconic that he turned his life around in such a short period of time. It can give hope to anyone else who has a long term problem and stuggling to get themselves out of a jam. After a year of threatening to kill himself, he almost gets his wish, but is revived. Anyone could see it as a sign that he should be dead, but instead he saw it as a miracle and a reason to make some changes in his life. The novel has a happy ending, and I think that the happiness of the ending is definitely the most interesting section of the book.

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