Sunday, November 27, 2011

10 Important Events (#6)

1) Nikki Sixx moves away from his family when he was 16, and in with his grandmother
-This changed his character dramatically. Leading him to get into trouble, and eventually joining a band

2) Nikkis Sixx forms Mötley Crüe with Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, and Vince Neil
-Being in a band can change anyone's life. He started on a new road to fame, and it opened a door to a world he hasn't been exposed to before. Being in this band also gave him the oportunity to share his attitude and views on life, to help him express himself

3) Sixx becomes addicted to heroin
-If he never took drugs to begin with, sure his life would've been better and a lot easier, but there would be no influence in the rest of his career in music

4) He makes the decision to write a book
-December 25th, 1986, Nikki Sixx decides that if dies soon due to heroin, having his family and friends read his personal diary would be a good idea. If he wouldn't of had a diary, the lack of expressing his anger and depression may have led him to kill himself

5) Girls Girls Girls is released
-The band's most successful album was released in 1987 in the midst of Sixx's addiction. Barely finding the motivation to finish the album, Sixx, along with his band, found themselves on the top of the rock and roll world for the year. Nikki had everything he could've asked for in the palm of his hand, but used his power to obtain drugs instead.

6) Mötley Crüe goes on a world tour
-Traveling from city to city every day wouldn't be easy for anyone. Especially not for Nikki Sixx. Being miles away from home, and seriously unstable, he some how finds a way to pull himself together between shows and only vent through pages in a diary.

7) Nikki Sixx gets in a fight with Vince Neal and Mick Mars
-The guitar player and singer for the band both had enough of Sixx by the end of their tour. After coming home from Japan in December of '87, Neil had pushed Sixx over the edge and Nikki forced himself into blowing off steam the only way he knew how...heroin. Perhaps being one of the worst mistakes of his life.

8) Sixx parties with Slash
-Lead guitar player of Guns N Roses, Slash, is invited to a hotel drug party with Sixx in Southern California. After one too many doses of heroin, Nikki passes out in a bathroom. Alert, Slash's girlfriend quickly called the ambulance and the rock star did not look good.

9) The Death of Nikki Sixx
-He is pronounced dead at the hospital, and within an hour, he is revived. Sixx claims to have been able to see the ambulance's lights and himself under a white tarp from above. He thinks of it as a miracle. Without this near death experience, Nikki Sixx may still be on heroin and perhaps dead for good.

10) Nikki comes clean
-Days after his night in the hospital, Sixx realizes that life is too short to throw away and decide to officially get off drugs for good. He apologizes to his band, and becomes the talented, caring, influencial, person he is today.

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