Thursday, April 5, 2012

#9 Main Theme

Steven Tyler's main idea behind this book isn't very different from his purpose. To inform and entertain with experiences and morals. Filled with interesting events, both good and bad, while an occasional heart warming well thought peice of advice that gives you a new view on Aerosmith's lead singer. Tyler claims to have had an extremely well lived life, but he now wishes he knew half of what he does now back then. He may have written this book for anyone who thinks they want to start a band or live on their own, and he wanted to warn and inform them of what lies ahead. Steven can probably relate to just about anything at this point in his life, according to his memoirs, and he speaks from a "been there, done that" perspective. In the end, his "main theme" and all around main goal in life and message to send is to have fun and leave all of your regrets behind. That was made clear more than once durring the book.

"Along with everything else that's happened, life is good. And I've learned that if I shoot an arrow of truth, I must first dip its point in honey. I've learned the ancient lesson of apology- OWN IT. It puts out every fire you may have walked through in life. People, too, often miss the silver lining because they were expecting gold. I've seen the sun go down only to be swallowed by the ocean! Only to rise again in the morning." -Steven Tyler

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