Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#2 Why This Book

Although there were plenty of novels to choose from that were recommended via Blogger, I decided to read a book that not only I have been egar to read, but a book in which I actually had faith in being interested enough to read all the way through. The author of this book, Steven Tyler, is an iconic figure in American history, and could almost be considered a hero of mine. Recently popular for his position as a judge on American Idol, Tyler is more well known for being the front man for the rock band, Aerosmith. Steven wrote this book to tell the story of his life and explain how he got to be the man we know him as today. I read this book not because there weren't any good books recommended by peers, but because I am excited that a figure like Steven Tyler has written more than just a song to tell a story. Anyone who has ever looked up to an icon knows that anything new that the icon does will be exciting and interesting, no matter what it is. Though maybe not all too appropriate for high school, every one of his 376 pages was worth reading and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share it as a blog.

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