Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#4 What Kind Of Person Is The Author?

Obviously, reading an autobiography, you get to know exactly what kind of person the author is. Steven Tyler, born Steven Tallarico, was born and raised in the Bronx as a country boy. Not being the most popular kid among his peers, Steven would often find himself in a number of fights durring his time in school. The attitude he aquired from these fights and the gang infested neighborhoods shows in the adult he became. Stereotypically, rockstars and musicians are tough guys that just do not care about anything but their women, their drugs, and their music. Steven Tyler may have fit that steriotype in his earlier years, but deep down he has too big of a heart to be completely careless and selfish.

Throughout the book, Tyler tells tales of interesting, dangerous, dirty, and illegal situations he would put himself in as a young adult. He did his best to make his young life sound as "hard core" and cool as possible. At points in the book you think "Wow, how could you have been so stupid?", and at other points, even later in the same chapter, you may find yourself feeling that you completely understand and are touched by his heartfelt words. From practically bragging about the amounts of cocain he would consume, to pour his heart out to a girl he really cared for. If one had to summarize in just a few words, what kind of person Steven Tyler is, he would be defined as a big hearted, caring man who is caught behind the edgy life, stereotype, and expectations of a famous rockstar.

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