Thursday, April 5, 2012

#6 Important Element

There are a number of different elements in Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?. To pick the most important element is a challenge. Steven Tyler, being the main character of the book, has such a unique style of explanation and thought. However, the events he explains so uniquely are what makes up the basis of the book.Without the specific events, there wouldn't be much to read about. A book can not be successful while consisting of only one person's views and morals. There must be some sort of story line. In an autobiography, it is crutial. Tyler's adventure from growing up in the Bronx, to moving to Boston with his band, to being one of the must influencial rock bands of all time, doesn't happen with one straight forward time line. Often, there are side stories and events that take focus off of the main story, which make up of events that are relative to future chapters and life in general. Some could argue that the author's sence of character would be the most important element. Although his attitude and character may add to the morals of the stories, it does not  take away from the interest of the experiences he shares.

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